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Dear Kitten: T-shirt give-away

If you haven’t seen the very adorable (but not as adorable as me, of course) video illustrating how a cat imparts household and life lessons to the fuzzy new family member,  you need to do so now:  “Dear Kitten”  The … Continue reading

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Let the Feastivities begin! FREE Fancy Feast Ornament

Love.  Joy.  Feast. I love Christmas.  Why?  So many reasons: Santa and I are BFFs I look really cute under the tree Holiday snacks My “Occupy Tree” protest Lots of boxes and crinkly paper Feasting The traditional “batting of the … Continue reading

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National Feral Cat Day (and free T-shirts!)

The 13th annual National Feral Cat Day will be celebrated on October 16.  Now, you know I am not a feral cat, but I have seen some on the other side of my window.  I have to say, my life … Continue reading

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My Buddy Bob: “A Street Cat Named Bob” Giveaway

If you haven’t yet read A Street Cat Named Bob, you need to.  It’s the story of Bob and his human, and how they helped each other when they needed it most. “The result is this heart-warming tale with a … Continue reading

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Cheese, please! FREE cat food (and other stuff)

As I complete the Tour de Couch, I’ll be celebrating my victory with a case or two of new Fancy Feast® Delights With Cheddar Classic entrées.  Your cat can, too!  Keep reading for information on how to win free cat … Continue reading

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Free Audio Book: A Give-Away

As you all know, it’s all about the cat.  Mostly, it’s all about me.  Today, however, it’s all about giving you an opportunity to have a free audio book about cats:  Cupcake Kitty by Mary Matthews. OK, technically, it’s a … Continue reading

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Prizes awarded!

As you recall, I recently posted a photo collection of random things from under my couch.   When Thing Two saw the large pile of items that had been photographed,  I could tell right away that it made a great … Continue reading

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random items from under the couch

At some point during my morning nap, my Twitter account topped 30,000 followers.  As promised, it’s time to hand out some Fan Appreciation prizes. In accordance with Secret Cat Method prize selection rules, I am posting a partial inventory of … Continue reading

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Fan Appreciation

If you follow me on Twitter (and why wouldn’t you?), you may have noticed that I am approaching a milestone of 30,000 followers. To thank all of my loyal fans, I’m going to give away a prize to commemorate this … Continue reading

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CFB’s Guide to Getting Rid of the Dog


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