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The Petties 2014: Funniest Blog/ Blogger

I am a finalist in the Petties Awards, in the category of Funniest Blog.  While I am funny (and very, very cute), this message has a serious note. When I win this award, a donation of $1000 will be made … Continue reading

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CFB’s 10 Best Tweets of 2013

2013 was a wonderful year.  I had some great moments on my couch, took a nice vacation on the comfy chair, and helped the dog get itself in a lot of trouble. I also was my usual witty self on … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Improvements

This year is the 15th annual NaNoWriMo.   It’s time to add a few more chapters to the event.   Here is my list of suggested add-ons to improve the adventure.  Write on. NaNaMo  – National Nap Month.  Participants try to nap … Continue reading

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It’s NaNoWriMo.  You know, National Novel Writing month?  Where humans pledge to write an entire novel in a month?  Like everything else in life, cats have a better version.  My version of NaNoWriMo is held on the couch, hence the improved … Continue reading

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Tour de Couch — Supplements

Everyone knows the Tour de Couch requires extensive training.  Athletes naturally want the best nutrition and supplements to enhance performance without compromising legal ability to compete. But what to take and not get banned? I’m here to help you sort … Continue reading

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Tour de Couch

The Tour de Couch is a contest for only the fittest athletes:  The one who best completes a series of over 2,000 hours of naps in a little over 20 days wins.  Yes, it’s just as difficult as it sounds. … Continue reading

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What Your Cat is Thinking

You people think house cats just hang around all day and sleep.  Not so!  We’re spending time channeling our inner jungle cat.  The next time you see your kitty doing something “ordinary” around the house, use this guideline to help … Continue reading

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I’m Doing a Walkathon !

My shelter, the Humane Society of Chittenden County, has an annual fund raiser called Walk For the Animals.  This year, there’s a 1.25 mile walk and a 5 K run.   Since they did so much for me, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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2013 Couchathon

Second Annual CFB Couch Marathon Get ready for the premiere couch napping event of the year:  The CFB Ultimate Couch Marathon —  the “Couchathon.”  Sign up for a full Couch Marathon (26.2 hours) or Half Couch Marathon (13.1 hours) and … Continue reading

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How to Make Buttered Toast

If you have been paying any attention to me at all, you know I am a fan of buttered toast. Recently, I Tweeted a recipe for buttered toast that I found online.  While this Tweet was very popular, it … Continue reading

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