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Ornament Report – Cat police update

Do you have lost or damaged holiday decorations?  Do not blame your cat.  Chances are, your kitty is on patrol trying to protect your home from holiday vandals. Recent DNA analysis points to these suspects: Nativity sheep are NOT to … Continue reading

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Ornament Report, 12/9

  Many people ask, “Why doesn’t my cat produce such wonderful reports and graphs?” Your cat DOES have this kind of data collection.  Every day.  In fact, your kitty is an Excel power user.   Perhaps you need to ask yourself … Continue reading

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Dear Kitten: T-shirt give-away

If you haven’t seen the very adorable (but not as adorable as me, of course) video illustrating how a cat imparts household and life lessons to the fuzzy new family member,  you need to do so now:  “Dear Kitten”  The … Continue reading

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CATastrophes video series = TWO paws up!

Funny things happen when cats appear. . . . .  that is the premise behind the awesome and funny videos in CATastrophes.   This weekly web series is fantastic because it stars adoptable cats, and everyone knows shelter cats rock.  … Continue reading

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The Petties 2014: Funniest Blog/ Blogger

I am a finalist in the Petties Awards, in the category of Funniest Blog.  While I am funny (and very, very cute), this message has a serious note. When I win this award, a donation of $1000 will be made … Continue reading

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Guest Room Resort Travel Review, Part 2

I am continuing the review of my trip to the Guest Room Resort.  I recently spent a week there, having gotten a recommendation to visit from my friend Fishy Fishy, who once stayed a month there under the bed.  If … Continue reading

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Guest Room Resort Travel Review, part 1

Some time ago, I went on vacation. I visited the Guest Room Resort for a week. You know I usually stay at the Comfy Chair, but last year it was crowded, and I needed a change.  While I Tweeted about … Continue reading

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The Friskies

Cats are awesome.  Cat videos are even more awesome, since they allow our antics to be shared with the world. Every cat action is worthy of an Academy Award, but you humans will have to choose some special ones to … Continue reading

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CFB, Advice Columnist

From time to time, people write to ask my advice on issues that concern them.  They do this because cats are so smart, and feline wisdom can apply to all questions.  Also,  I am awesome. Here is a recent request … Continue reading

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Benefit for a FOCFB (Friend of CFB)

  Meet Esmeralda: Yes, she’s a dog.  You know how I feel about dogs.  Esmeralda, however, is the BFF of Gilda, a very cool cat.  Here, Esmeralda and Gilda are working on a plot to steal some sandwiches: Glida just … Continue reading

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