Ornament Report – Cat police update

Do you have lost or damaged holiday decorations?  Do not blame your cat.  Chances are, your kitty is on patrol trying to protect your home from holiday vandals.

Recent DNA analysis points to these suspects:

Nativity sheep are NOT to be trusted, and they love to eat tinsel.

In other nativity scene news, the wise men are missing.  If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please contact 1-800-CAT-TOYS.   Here’s a recent picture of them.

There is a record of a text that Balthasar sent to Melchior this morning, inquiring about good myrrh shops in the area, but there has been no cell phone activity since then.

Joe has been under the couch since Tuesday morning, and the camel (not pictured) is in the laundry room.  We believe the camel is in hiding after discovery of strong evidence that it was involved in the (accidental?) tipping over of the crystal bowl filled with vintage glass balls.  Donkey hoof prints have been found on the buttered toast.

No one is sure what this creature is,  but it has been seen on the kitchen counter knocking over the coffee mugs.

If you cat has been hanging around in the Christmas tree, you can rest assured that it is keeping a close eye on all the mischief that is being done by the holiday decorations.  Go feed your cat and say “thank you” for the protection it offers you.


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  1. Connie says:

    OMG I love the sheep in that first photo

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