CATastrophes video series = TWO paws up!

Funny things happen when cats appear. . . . .  that is the premise behind the awesome and funny videos in CATastrophes.   This weekly web series is fantastic because it stars adoptable cats, and everyone knows shelter cats rock.  There are some humans in the videos, too, but it’s really all about the cats.

Some of the videos feature “harder to adopt” felines, and some provide educational information for humans.  Many of the cat actors and extras are available for adoption, but this is not true for the humans you will see in the videos.

You MUST watch these

One of my favorite episodes stars Gorilla Biscuit, an amazing FIV+ kitty from Tree House Humane.  Since he’s a black cat, his fur is the perfect accessory for any wardrobe, and he’s already formally dressed for any award shows he gets invited to.  Watch it now: Single and Searching, and be sure to show all your friends.

Go feed your cat and then settle in to watch all the episodes by clicking here:   Make sure you subscribe, so I don’t have to keep reminding you when future episodes are available.

Cats are the stars of these videos

I give all of the videos in the CATastrophes series two paws up.   I’d even rather watch one of these than nap in the laundry basket.   After you have watched all the episodes, go feed your cat.

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4 Responses to CATastrophes video series = TWO paws up!

  1. Connie says:

    I love Alana, she’s so talented!

  2. Great idea to feature adoptable kitties on the web series!

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