Guest Room Resort Travel Review, Part 2

I am continuing the review of my trip to the Guest Room Resort.  I recently spent a week there, having gotten a recommendation to visit from my friend Fishy Fishy, who once stayed a month there under the bed.  If you missed the first part of my travelogue, you can catch up with my critique by clicking HERE.  Today’s update on the trip will focus on the dining experience at the Resort.

As you know, the Guest Room Resort is all-inclusive. I expected to be served 7-10 meals a day and have unlimited access to snacks and room service.  I was disappointed.  I’m not sure how you justify advertising “all inclusive” if you don’t include all the things that I want.

This did NOT arrive in my room.

My suite at the Resort was quite a hike from the restaurant. Of course they did not mention that in the brochure.  I repeatedly asked for a carry-to and carry-back service between my room and the restaurant, but the staff just looked at me.  It was very insulting.  I ordered room service every day of my vacation, and nothing ever arrived, despite my protests.

When it became obvious that I wasn’t going to enjoy dining in the comfort of my garden view room, I made the long trek to the restaurant.  I showed up early for my reservation and was pleased to find a nice mat on the table for napping, but I did have to lie there on the dinner table for almost 20 minutes before the wait staff approached.

It’s lovely when the tables have nap blankets AND snacks.

I was offered an extremely limited menu, and service was slow.  I knew right away I would not be leaving a tip for this crew.  Throughout the week, other patrons at the Guest Room Resort Restaurant were very cranky and rude when I patted or licked their meals. Most of the Resort guests spent a lot of time yelling things like “No, no, bad kitty” during their meals. It was very odd.

Like all well-mannered travelers, I made sure knocked any items served that I did not care for on to the floor. Once in a while, they provided a dog for diners to accidentally spill things on.  I was concerned that the dog was allowed in the restaurant kitchen, and I did contact the health inspector.

With the right aim, you could whack the dog in the head with a raspberry.

On a positive note, every Guest Room Resort brunch included buttered toast.  Oddly, almost every time I left the restaurant, a lamp fell over.

It’s time to hit the couch.  In the next installment of my vacation review, I’ll critique the tours, entertainment, and shopping.

This dining etiquette caused the other patrons to be very cranky and loud.

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  1. Odette says:

    What lousy service! But at least you could target practice on the dog

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