Guest Room Resort Travel Review, part 1

Some time ago, I went on vacation. I visited the Guest Room Resort for a week. You know I usually stay at the Comfy Chair, but last year it was crowded, and I needed a change.  While I Tweeted about my experiences during the trip, I have now composed an extensive review for publication on all the travel sites.

Cats are always ready for a vacation

I booked a suite overlooking the garden.  I made reservations online, but received no confirmation.  I contacted the staff prior to my arrival and received a brusque “Hey, kitty” reply with an odd reference to “Snookums,” but still no confirmation of my booking. Despite my trepidation, I went to the resort anyway.

Always have a cat help you pack for vacation.

Once at the Guest Room Resort, there was no one at the front desk. I called for assistance and carry-in service, but none arrived. I was little jet-lagged from my travel to the vacation suite, so I decided to settle myself in to take a nap. I left word that I’d like a wake-up call for lunch. As I was relaxing on the new, soft, expensive quilt, one of the staff barges in and starts yelling about cat fur. I demanded a refund, but I was ignored.

Vacation naps are better

My Garden View room was spacious, with a large bed.  There were no jingly or squeaky kitty toys provided, so remember to bring your own if you visit.  Almost as soon as I got in to the room, a lamp fell over. The bathroom was private, but down the hall quite a distance. When I chose the Guest Room Resort for my vacation, I was under the impression they had a casino. They do not. I was unable to find a bar at the resort to order a tuna juice.  The windowsills in the room were very narrow. The one positive thing about my vacation in the Guest Room Resort: Great wi-fi.

What I expected, based on the brochure. Not *quite* as advertised.

You know, travel writing is exhausting. I need a nap.  I’ll continue my review tomorrow and tell you about the dining experiences.


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One Response to Guest Room Resort Travel Review, part 1

  1. Mick says:

    You should do a piece about you or one of your brethren taking a trip over to the UK, CFB. There are still quarantine regulations in place here, the British Isles still being a rabies-free zone.

    I was once on a shortlist of two to take on a Maine Coon rescue cat who’d been driven down the east coast from Boston to Florida with his owner. That was just the *first* part of the journey. Secondly, the poor mog had then endured a coast-to-coast car trip from Florida over to some quarantine place in northern California (it’s possible to adhere to British quarantine laws in advance at approved establishments outside the UK, by all accounts) before finally taking a flight over to London Heathrow from San Francisco. There’s more travelling involved in that little lot than many – if not *most* – humans do in a lifetime but can you imagine how it must have affected his (seem to remember this cat’s name being Madison or something similar) couch-based fitness regime? Absolute nightmare.

    Keep on couching, CFB.



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