The Friskies

Cats are awesome.  Cat videos are even more awesome, since they allow our antics to be shared with the world.

Every cat action is worthy of an Academy Award, but you humans will have to choose some special ones to capture and submit to The Friskies cat video contest.  Learn more at

There are four award categories:  FUNNY, RES-CUTE, EPIC and STRANGE.   While I am funny and also really, really cute, I think EPIC is category for me.   I’m going to go knock things off the counter in an epic way so Thing One can enter me in the contest.  After that, I’ll be taking an epic nap.

If it wasn’t for cats, there would be no reason to use the internet.  Cat videos are why humans go to work and turn on their computers.”  – Fleas Witherspoon, calico

Meow. Meow, meow, mew, meow.”  – Tempurra the Tabby

. . . [W]e’re thrilled to celebrate the phenomenon of cat videos and the cats who inspire them for the third year in a row.”- Some human at Friskies

Grab your phone or video camera and follow your cat around.  You could win $25,000, which you should then immediately spend on sardines and catnip.

Let me know when you enter The Friskies!

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  1. We love Friskies videos in fact we are thinking about entering our cat Felix in the contest. He loves Friskies cat food.

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