CFB’s 10 Best Tweets of 2013

2013 was a wonderful year.  I had some great moments on my couch, took a nice vacation on the comfy chair, and helped the dog get itself in a lot of trouble.

I also was my usual witty self on Twitter.  I’ve copied my most popular Tweets of the past year here for your enjoyment, along with some photos of my fans.  Be sure to follow me all through 2104!


It’s Friday the 13th. Remember that if a black cat crosses your path, it means the kitty is going somewhere. Probably for snacks.

I am not fat. I’m easy to see.

Are you lethargic? Have a finicky appetite? Sleep a lot? Not very motivated? You’re not depressed, you’re a cat.

Life without cats is like an unsharpened pencil….there’s no point.

I’m going to issue a CFB IPO. $45 gets you one share of cat fur.

Cat joke: Q: Meow mew mew meow mrrw? A: Meow rrrrww mrrrow mew mew meow. Hee hee. Cats love puns.

It’s Thanksgiving. Be thankful for your cat.

Putting up your tree today? Have a cat? Just break all of your ornaments now and save yourself from having to worry about them later.

Yeah, wow. Some people are just so cranky when their Christmas tree falls over. Accidentally. Because I wasn’t getting any attention.





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