Thank you, Santa

Dear Santa:

While I like all the gifts you left, you failed to take the dog that I had clearly left under the tree for you.  I hope you can grab the reindeer and swing by to pick it up soon.

Thing One and Thing Two did not buy me any presents, so I appreciate that you were the only one to pile up the loot under my tree.   I have already lost most of the toys you brought under the couch, so while you’re over here picking up the dog, maybe you could move some furniture and retrieve all the jingle balls and toy mice?

Thank you again for all the Christmas gifts.  Please leave more next year.

Love,  CFB

P.S. Sorry I drank all the milk that was left out for you.

P.S.S.  Not all of my cat friends can write letters to Santa, so here’s some pictures of them enjoying their gifts and saying “thanks” in their own way:

LeClair didn’t love the water fountain, but the snacks were great.


Santa brought Meiga the present she hoped for the most

Garfield’s staff helps with his gifts. He was most impressed with the iPhone.

Macy has already had hours of fun with this toy.

Dexter was given all the packing materials — score!

Errol wishes he got one of these for every room.

Thanks again, Santa!  Feel free to stop by in January to leave more toys.

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3 Responses to Thank you, Santa

  1. Bren says:

    GREAT post CFB – I think Santa should come back and get the dog. No feline should have to deal with their stinky fur. :-)

  2. jean mueller says:

    Glad you had a nice Christmas.HAPPY NEW YEAR CAT FOOD BREATH ! :-)

  3. It sounds like you had a great Christmas…well, ‘cept for the dog still being there. ;)

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