Occupy Tree: Santa Comes Tonight


Cats around the world are waiting under their tree tonight for Santa.


Cat tree, or Christmas tree, it’s all the same to Santa.


Not all humans will get gifts.

Occupy Tree participants

Waiting under the tree is better with snacks.


Santa like kitties to help with the milk and cookies that get left under the tree.


Mostly, Santa just needs help with the milk.

Occupy Tree Participant

While Occupying the Tree, it’s important to live in the present.

Live in the present

Or on it.

Gift bags can be better than boxes.


It’s important to be sure all the ornaments are just right for Santa.


Santa likes some of the ornaments to be on the floor.


Santa is very particular about some of the branches.


No tree is too small for Santa.


Santa says:  All kitties are good kitties.

Thank you to all of my fans who have posed for Occupy Tree photos.  Merry Christmas to all of you.  May your stockings be filled with sardines, and may all your gifts be tuna fish.

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3 Responses to Occupy Tree: Santa Comes Tonight

  1. Bratfink says:

    Merry Christmas, my little furry friend. xoxox

  2. Meowy Chrissymouse to you ! Purrs

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