NaNoWriMo Improvements

This year is the 15th annual NaNoWriMo.   It’s time to add a few more chapters to the event.   Here is my list of suggested add-ons to improve the adventure.  Write on.

Cats love books. They make great forts.

NaNaMo  – National Nap Month.  Participants try to nap as much as possible within the month of November.

NaSnaMo  -  National Snack Month.  See NaNaMo, substitute “snack” for “nap.”

NaCoMo – National Couch Month.   It’s all about the couch.

NaCaAweMo – National Cat Awesomeness Month.   Thirty days of cat worship.

NaReDoMo – National Relocate Dog Month.  The object is to have a dog-free household no later than November 30.

NaNoMo participant

NaFeeYoCaSarMo – National Feed Your Cat Sardines Month.  That’s three cans a day, by the way.

NaFurLaMo – National Fur on the Laundry Month.  Participants aim to add 1000 cat hairs per day to their outfits.

NaCaMo – National Catnip Month.  Dude.

NaLoYoKitFo – National Love Your Kitty Forever.  Meow.

Be sure your NaNoWriMo work is comfortable.

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  1. oneblankspace says:

    I like NaLoYoKitFo .

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