What Your Cat is Thinking

You people think house cats just hang around all day and sleep.  Not so!  We’re spending time channeling our inner jungle cat.  The next time you see your kitty doing something “ordinary” around the house, use this guideline to help you know what your cat is really picturing in its head.

Jumping off the refrigerator



Chasing the jingly toys around the house

View from the kitchen counter






Going down the stairs at night






On the plant stand

Sitting on the window sill







Catching the moth you let in the house

On the back of the couch







Of course, it’s possible that your cat is not thinking of any of these things.  It might just be thinking “I’m hungry.”

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2 Responses to What Your Cat is Thinking

  1. emma says:

    I think my cat bro Bert is thinking those things AND that he is hungry!

  2. Lavender Tiger says:

    I am glad I let a fly in on purpose every now and then. I would hate to stunt my cats’ inner wildcat. However, they can all stop eating the plants and puking them up elsewhere. If you are going to eat it just eat it. Probably why I am not fortunate enough to be a cat in this life. Maybe next one.

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