CFB’s Guide to Getting Rid of the Dog


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5 Responses to CFB’s Guide to Getting Rid of the Dog

  1. Penelope Cat From Hell says:

    Me is going to print this and puts it on the refrigerator!

  2. Emma says:

    Boy, you are nasty, my cats would never do that to me but I might set them outside and close the door on them, you cats are real pests sometimes!

  3. Bowie says:

    Sounds like a great marketing plan, but I don’t have a dog to get rid of. I just have relative dogs that visit and bother me and on that licks me. Uck!!

  4. Texas, a cat in New York says:

    I’m so glad by humans are really cat people :-)

  5. @Cheap_Trills says:

    I love your comments on getting rid of the dog. There’s no dog at my house, but I aim to keep it that way. I’m taking notes!

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