Secret Cat Stuff: Cat Club Rules

If you are a cat, you already know everything about Secret Cat Stuff (SCS).  All cats are automatically members of Cat Club, where SCS is studied.  For you non-felines, I’m sharing some the basic rules of Cat Club here.   Reading this list does not entitle you to claim that you understand cats.

A good day at Cat Club

1st RULE of Cat Club: You do not talk about Cat Club.

2nd RULE of Cat Club: You DO NOT talk about Cat Club.

3rd RULE of Cat Club: If someone says “no, no, bad kitty,” this may be ignored.

4th RULE of Cat Club:  Only one cat to a lap, unless it’s extra squishy.

5th RULE of Cat Club:  One snack at a time, unless you are really hungry.

A good day at Cat Club

6th RULE of Cat Club:  No shirts without fur.

7th RULE of Cat Club:  Naps will go on as long as they have to.

8th RULE of Cat Club:  If this is your first day of Cat Club, you HAVE to nap.

A good day at Cat Club

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7 Responses to Secret Cat Stuff: Cat Club Rules

  1. Texas, a cat in New York says:

    I hope no dogs will want to join…

  2. Joey aka "how you doin' " says:

    I am a handsome Blue Point Siamese. My staff say I’m well tutored for about a month now. I am having fun being allowed to play in the house now with my son Pilgrim and my buddy Penelope. I do wonder why the older girls keep slapping me when I try to help them remember how incredibly HOT I am. Wassa matter with them?

  3. Penelope Cat From Hell says:

    Oh! Me Loves Cat Club!!!

  4. caren gittleman says:

    No worries!! Not saying a word…er…PURR……….Love, Cody

  5. Connie of TFKblog says:

    love it!

  6. Mr Bumpy (@MrBumpyCat) says:

    Concatulations CFB, you’ve been awarded The Next Big Thing Award. You can collect it here:

  7. Ellie Elise says:

    This seriously made my day! I suffer from what I’ve decided to call “CIICO” or “Chronic Illness Induced Cat Obsession” so I love this. LOL
    @EllieBeeElise ~

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