Treat Your Dog For Christmas

I know what your dog wants.  It wants to be part of the Christmas joy in your household.  What’s the best way to help your dog do that?  Costumes!   Think reindeer antlers and Santa suits and elf hats.  The more festive, the better.  Your dog wants to be REALLY festive.

The shoes make this outfit.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.   Browse the photos to begin your canine couture inspiration.

This dog is festive AND joyful.

But it’s still November, you say?  It’s really not too early to get in the holiday spirit.  Your dog will appreciate a full 30 days of Christmas costumes.  Or more!  Keep up the tradition until New Year’s Day.

Note the jingle bells. The more bells, the better.

Glitter and bells and twinkling lights are not “too much”  for your pooch.  Spare no glitz for your dog’s holiday outfits.

Santa would be so proud

You really can’t overdo the holiday theme when it comes to canine costumes.

Notice the holiday costumes look better OUTSIDE in the snow. Extra festive.

Your dog really, really wants this for Christmas.  You can trust me on this…. I’m a cat.


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One Response to Treat Your Dog For Christmas

  1. Suzanne says:

    Those are some great ideas and the dogs look sooooo thrilled. Good kitty. Good kitty!!

    You might enjoy the dog apparel at the 7MSN Ranch, too. That’s Smooch and she looks very thrilled.

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