The Dog Did It

Dear Thing One:

I know you were at work and then out doing other things that kept you from watching the dog all day.  I took the liberty of making a list of all of the canine transgressions that occurred while you were out.

doesn’t this face look guilty?

The dog….

  • Ate all the cat food
  • Knocked the plant off the shelf
  • Ate part of the plant that was knocked off the shelf
  • Got cat fur all over the clean laundry
  • Pushed all the items off your dresser
  • Relocated that jewelry on the night stand
  • Opened the cupboard and fished out the bag of catnip
  • Demolished the bag of catnip
  • Got a claw snagged in your new sweater, leaving a small hole
  • Pushed the television remote under the couch
  • Played a game with that report you need for work
  • Tried to blame everything on the kitty

The hat says it all

I trust that you will find some appropriate punishment for the dog.




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4 Responses to The Dog Did It

  1. Bratfink says:

    Bad dog, indeed!

  2. Sarah says:

    That’s why I’m a cat-person, not a dog-person! Bad dog!

  3. Emma says:

    Hmmm…as I dog I have to question at least some of these crimes and suggest that perhaps said cat has framed the poor obedient dog???

  4. Alexandria Constantinova says:

    Thank god cats have evolved to the point where they can read & write (and blog). Poor dogs just haven’t reached that level yet. Thus, the hat. Signed, Alexandria’s #GangOfSeven

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