NaNoWriMeow (chapter 2)

In National Novel Writing Month: The Cat Version,  we’re focusing on an important skill for all writers — procrastination.  It’s Day 5 of our project, so we need some serious distractions.

Here’s a list of things you can do RIGHT NOW to procrastinate.

  • Go check on your cat to see if it wants a snack.
  • Don’t have a cat?  Go adopt one.  Every writer’s day should begin with some cuteness.
  • Lay all of your dry-clean-only items on the bed, so your cat has a nice place to nap

You can’t type if it will disturb the kitty

  • Experiment to find the optimal combination of pureed chicken liver and tuna juice to add to your kitty’s smoothie.
  • Build a cat fort in your dining room.
  • Take 300 photos of your cat.  Survey your friends and e-mail their favorite one to me, for my website.

You can’t type if it will disturb the kitty

  • Supervise your cat while it takes a nap.
  • Take the dog for a walk.  Don’t worry about bringing it back.
  • Subscribe to my blog.
  • Go open some small, expensive cans for your cat.

You can’t type if it will disturb the kitty

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4 Responses to NaNoWriMeow (chapter 2)

  1. Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn says:

    Awesome as always.

  2. Emma says:

    You are such a cat! Maybe instead of us dogs finding new homes we should just stamp and mail our kitties to you??? No matter what, you are funny but remember, dogs rule, cats drool…

  3. Savannah NanaMo says:

    yup, that about sums up my Mom’s day trying to do blog posts ahead for a week’s vacation…not one, nada, done today and she leaves on Monday! hah!

  4. IreneB says:

    My father was a journalist and an arch procrastinator, like most writers. Whenever the cat draped himself across his old Remington typewriter he was really pleased because he could put off starting his article again. He didn’t mind the cat hair clogging up the keys either.

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