World Cat Day

Our Olympic coverage is being pre-empted with this important news:  August 8 is World Cat Day.  Yes, it’s a day, like the other 364 days of the year, that’s all about your cat.

It's all about the cat

The basic celebratory routine for World Cat Day is as follows:  Feed your cat. Pet, hug, and repeat.  Offer catnip, new toys, cream, and favorite snacks often.   Beyond that, here are some other tips for a fabulous World Cat Day:


1.  Put the dog outside.  Do not even think about bringing the dog back inside.  Better yet, give the dog away to a family that has no dog, as a charitable act of giving on this holiday.

2.  Be sure staff are poised near the kitty 24/7, in order to fluff pillows, retrieve toys, and generally serve the cat.

3. Order in sushi, cream, catnip, and other kitty favorites by the case.

4. Order in cardboard boxes by the case.

5.  Catnip.  Dude.  Don’t wait until 4:20 — this is an all-day activity.

It's all about the cat

6.  Feed the cat.

7.  Tell your cat it is awesome.  It knows this, but it’s nice to have repeated.  Frequently.

8.  Feed the cat.

9.  Have a lap ready at all times.

10. Stay off the couch.  Sleep on the floor.  Do what it takes to make room for your cat’s comfort.

It's all about the cat

Happy World Cat Day!


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2 Responses to World Cat Day

  1. Marilia says:

    Happy World Cat Day!!!

  2. Penelope says:

    Mes LOVES your attitude! Me thinks me shall print this off and leave it on my Mommy’s pillow!
    Oh Yes! Happy World Cat Day!

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