Awesome cat success story

I know I’m awesome.  You know I’m awesome.  Thing One knows I’m awesome.  I constantly tell the dog I am awesome.  Recently, however, I realized there was one important group of folks who did not realize I was awesome — namely, the staff at the animal shelter that brought me together with Thing One.

Shelter cats rock -- adopt one

So, I sent the Humane Society of Chittenden County ( a note to let them know they had a famous (and fabulous) cat as one of their success stories.   Of course, they agreed that I was awesome (and they’re professionals, so they should know).

I know all my fans will want to help me say “thank you” to the organization that made it possible  for me to meet Thing One and then share my fabulous-ness on the internet.  Dog Time Media sponsors a pet blog contest.  The non-profit shelter or rescue with the most nominations during the nominations phase will be declared the winner of $10,000. That’s a lot of catnip.  The winning bloggers each also get to choose a non-profit shelter to receive a $1000 donation.  That’s still a lot of catnip.

nominate us

You can nominate us here:  Log in with facebook or your e-mail address.  My blog is and my shelter of choice is Humane Society of Chittenden County
Be sure to get all your friends, family, and co-workers to nominate me, too.  It’s easy to do, and remember … I’m worth it.   While I could sweep every category in the awards, consider nominating me for Funniest Blog or Blogger and/or Best Cat Blog.

did I ever mention that I'm very, very cute?


I sat down with one of the staff from the Humane Society of Chittenden County (HSCC) to reminisce about our shared history.  Here’s their report:

When the self-professed Awesome Cat,  Cat Food Breath, recently found the time between naps to let us know HSCC had been selected as the recipient of $1000–should Cat Food Breath’s blog win the Petties Awards for excellence in pet blogging–we wanted to know why we’d been selected … and how we could help.  The Awesome Cat graciously granted us an interview (below). We think Cat Food Breath’s blog is pretty excellent, so we nominated it. Could you do the same, and help HSCC win $1000 or more? Thanks!

HSCC:  We were intrigued to learn that you were once here at HSCC.
CFB:  Yes.  It was some time ago, but I remember your place well.

HSCC:  What did you think of your time here?
CFB:  You have a nice facility.  I wasn’t very polite when I first arrived, but the staff were very welcoming all the same.  The food was excellent.  I received a lot of attention.  Everyone was very kind.  Did I mention the food was tasty?  I had a wonderful room and I made some good cat friends.

HSCC:  How long were you here?
CFB:  Well, I was prepared to stay there forever.  The food was awesome.  I’d had a bad breakup in my past, and I really didn’t want to get in to a new relationship.  You know.  The staff assured me I could stay until I found a home.  I didn’t want to find a human, I just wanted to hang with my new cat friends and enjoy the snacks.

HSCC:  But, you were adopted.
CFB:  I know.  I was napping on the cat tree one afternoon after lunch, and Thing One came in the cat room.  I was used to all kinds of people coming in.  Of course folks wanted to meet me, since I am so fabulous, but this was different.  I fell for Thing One instantly.  I can’t explain it, but it was better than catnip.  Almost.  OK, not really.  But I chose Thing One anyway and decided to make a commitment.

HSCC:  And you’ve lived Happily Ever After?
CFB:  Sort of.  When I picked out Thing One, I didn’t realize Thing Two was part of the deal, but by then it was too late, since we had already completed the paperwork.   Thing Two, as you know, has a dog.

HSCC:  Here at the Humane Society, we love all animals.
CFB:  Yes, but I don’t.  You know how I feel about dogs.  Would you like a dog?

HSCC:  No, thank you.  We know your dog has a good home.
CFB:  No comment.

HSCC:  What would you like people to know about us?
CFB:  Well, you just rock.  You helped me in a tough time, and you brought me together with Thing One and the wonderfully squishy lap.  I am an awesome cat, and you helped make it possible for the world to know that, too.   The accommodations at HSCC are great, and I still remember how you  scratched my ears just right and served a great breakfast.

HSCC:  Any last words?
CFB:  What’s for lunch?

This looks like an appetizer buffet


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  2. Undine says:

    I’m off to vote. Good luck!

  3. Robb714 says:

    I voted and encouraged my twittertwats to do the same, Good Luck!

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