Why Cats Rock Social Media

This post is being written in direct response to a blog entry that was sent my way by a loyal fan.  The post was titled Why Cats Suck at Social Media and is just chock full of misinformation, but if you need to look at it yourself, you may do so here:  http://blog.tkographix.com/why-cats-suck-at-social-media/

I will refute all of the points from that blog post here.

“To begin with, their paws are a problem….” Not if you are polydactyl, like me.  I challenge you to a keyboarding contest.  With my extra digits, I am 20% more efficient than you humans. 

This cat is exhausted from all its social media contributions

“But the biggest reason is cattiude. Cats are not social creatures.” Dude, crack open a baggie of catnip and just see how many cat friends you have.  A case of tuna fish and a can opener buys you a lot of companionship.  Try it if you don’t believe me. 

“Cats are territorial.. they don’t like to share …”  Ask any of my fans, I am a very giving cat.  I am always trying to give away our dog.  It’s a standing offer.  I’ve also made similar generous offers with the rocking chair and the vacuum cleaner. 

“Cats are solitary… they prefer their own company to others.”   True enough, I am pretty awesome to hang out with,  but there’s nothing like a nice, squishy lap to keep a cat company. 

This cat is a very careful spell-checker

“Cats want to dominate — they want to be on top looking down on the world.”  Really, I only want to be on my couch, looking out at someone filling my dish.  I don’t want to dominate, I want to be waited on.  Big difference. 

“Cats sleep a lot.” Yep, totally true.  But that’s about training and fitness, not about ignoring you.  We only ignore you when we’re awake. 

Cats can be mean and aggressive.”  We can also be very, very, very cute, which, as everyone knows, compensates for any misdeed or bad behavior that was performed just before the cuteness. 

Face it, cats rule the internet, and that includes social media.  Now, go “like” me on facebook and get me some cat snacks. 


Another social media rock star
photo credits:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/vibrantspirit/2170581854/


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5 Responses to Why Cats Rock Social Media

  1. Randy Clark says:

    Shhh, My name is Pattie and I’m Randy Clarks favorite cat. He’s at lunch so I’ve taken over his account. He won’t let me have a twitter account, facebook. or even email because he says I’m not good at social media – how does he know? OK, time for a nap.

  2. CFB says:

    Pattie… if you can leave a comment on a blog, you rock social media! Do what you wish and ignore the humans.

  3. Randy Clark says:

    Pattie Lou, get off my computer! Right now!

    I am so sorry for Patties outburst. I wanted to thank you for the link and say although we may disagree you’ve made some convincing points and if a blog is social media – and in my book it is you may be the rare exception – a social media competent cat.

    • CFB says:

      Never apologize for a kitty. While my blog is awesome, remember I also Tweet, facebook, Google+, write a literary column, and look cute all day.

  4. IMHO cats rule re: social media; dogs come in a close second and the peeps…so far behind ya can’t even see them…just sayin’

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