Cat Vacation

Thing Two has been talking about going on vacation.  That means Thing One and the Wonderfully Squishy Lap go away and a “cat sitter” comes over.

I have two main Cat Sitters. The best Cat Sitter does what it is supposed to do, and sits a lot. As I understand it, a cat sitter is hired so that the cat may sit on it. The other Cat Sitter is fidgety, preferring to stand or move around. It’s exhausting to watch, but this Cat Sitter loves to feed me, which more than makes up for its inability to provide a good lap. If only they made a Cat Sitter model that liked to stay in the chair and feed me all day, that would be perfect.

This cat sitter is doing an OK job

But the best part about Thing Two’s vacation plans is that they include the dog. Yep, the Labradumb gets leashed up, stuffed in the car, and driven away. I get a dog-free life and a full time substitute staff person wait on me. I spend the time hoping the dog will end up in Unclaimed Baggage.

So why don’t cats get vacations?  Seriously, our schedules are relentless. We could use a break every now and then to recharge. Personally, I put in a full day on the couch seven days a week, including holidays. No one ever notices how hard I work at that. On top of my couch duties, I have grooming, nutritional plans, and cuteness schedules to adhere to. I have volunteer commitments on the bookcase, tabletop, dresser, and comfy chair. I am expected to hold down the bed spread for hours at a time, distribute fur in the laundry, and test food tidbits at all meals. A cat’s work is never done.

A cat vacation. Check out the sand.

So, have sympathy for your cat.

  • Schedule it a vacation.
  • Plan some down time for your kitty and find it a quiet place to rest.
  • Bring it expensive treats.
  • Pamper it 24/7.

Your feline will let you know when it’s ready to go back to work.

Cats need R&R, too

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3 Responses to Cat Vacation

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  2. CATachresis says:

    Sheeesh! You’d think they’d learn! We cats live life in the fast lane. We need at least 10 mini breaks a year! Oh! I always thought cat sitters were employed to sit on cats to stop us going about our important business!

  3. Kim Bussey says:

    Oh you poor over-worked kitty. If they can’t give you a proper vacation, the least they should do is provide a cat-nip break!

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