Nominate me

You already know I’m awesome.  I know I’m awesome.  Let’s make it official by making sure I get one of the 2012 Petties Awards for fabulous-ness in pet blogging.

You can nominate me me here:  Log in with facebook or your e-mail address.

Be sure to get all your friends, family, and co-workers to nominate me, too.  It’s easy to do, and remember … I’m worth it.

When I win, I’ll get a personalized Petties trophy.  I have a place all picked out for it.  The Labradumb will have to find a new place for its bed, but that’s OK.

Even better, when I win, DogTime will make a $1000 donation to the animal shelter of my choice.  Long time fans will remember that Thing One and I met in a shelter, and the rest is internet history.  Help say “thank you” to the shelter that gave you Catfoodbreath.

While I could sweep every category in the awards, consider nominating me for Funniest Blog or Blogger and/or Best Cat Blog.  And, speaking of noms, mail me some.

Have you nominated me yet???



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