April 20.  420.  A cat counterculture holiday.  A day to gather and enjoy Nepeta cataria.  Cats around the world will be scheduling time to indulge in a little Meowie Wowie.


I want everyone to know that I have a prescription for catnip from a licensed veterinarian, and Thing One and Thing Two obtain my product from a legal dispensary.  I have a documented health issue that is best treated with medicinal catnip.  I am not advocating any illegal activity.  If you can’t enjoy your nip without a sploof, you shouldn’t be doing the nip.

My favorite way to get a little nepetalactone is to just do up some unprocessed weed.   There’s nothing like a good roll in your stash.  I’m fond of catnip consumables and have many accessories laced with dank kitty ganga.

this dude's been hitting the nip

My home is very 420 friendly, with multiple baggies in the house at any given time. Where does the term “420” come from in the catnip subculture, you ask?  A group of very cool cats in the 70’s with a catnip garden liked to meet post-afternoon nap to enjoy some high times.  They used the slang term “4:20″ to slip away from their dog, who would need an hour or two to figure out what time the cats were going to party.

Enjoy your 420, dude.  Always use catnip in a responsible manner.

nice stash, dude

photo credits:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/lambj/4653468321/



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4 Responses to 420

  1. Mara Gunther says:

    I love this blog. I learn a lot!

  2. Connie says:

    nip responsibly!

  3. Ah Ha! If Thing 2 obtains your product, Thing 2 could not be a “useless human” as you once tweeted. If your dog could fetch your product for you, you might even want your dog to come home.

  4. RumpyDog! says:

    Hey, tuna breath! Where ya been?

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