Tipsy Nip Tuna Sushi Cat

Ever since Tipsy Nip Organic Catnip Products announced that I was the official Tipsy Nip Tuna Sushi cat, I’ve been preparing for my official duties.  I assume that being named the Tipsy Nip Tuna Sushi Cat (TNTSC) is a bit like being crowned Miss America, with flowers, a tiara, parades, speaking appearances, waving, and lots of photo opportunities.

I don't do tiaras

I haven’t discussed this with my sponsors yet, but I will probably eat the flowers I’m given and I’m not ever going to wear a tiara.  I can sleep through a parade of any length, and I’ve always been photogenic.  However, I don’t assume I am prepared.  I have been working hard at gearing up for my spokescat role.   Here’s my training to date:

they don't make tiaras that fit kitty ears well

April 10:  Announcement of Official TNTSC status is made.  I am overcome with emotion and have to spend the next 24 hours on the couch.

April 11: I devour as much Tuna Sushi as I possibly can, and then spend the rest of the day on the couch.

April 12:  Nap, eat Tuna Sushi, nap, repeat.

April 13:  Eat Tuna Sushi, nap, eat Tuna Sushi, repeat.

April 14:  A full day devoted to the couch and eating Tuna Sushi.

April 15:  Meet with my accountant to discuss tax deductions for my role as the TNTSC.

That’s it so far.  I’ll keep you posted.  If you want to ship a few cases to my place, I’ll autograph the jars and return them* to you.

*the jars, not the contents.  You understand.



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One Response to Tipsy Nip Tuna Sushi Cat

  1. Mara Gunther says:

    You are so funny. You certaninly know cats. We have 7 cats( 4 adopted) , 1 Bull Mastif (adopted) 1 cockatiel (adopted).

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