cat fashion tips, in haiku

Are you going out?
Your outfit isn’t furry
You appear cat-less.

You are wearing black
Accessorize with cat fur
You will look so chic.

are you wearing black?


That’s covered with fur
Looks like the cat slept on it
You could be in Vogue.

Sticky roller use
Makes your outfit look so clean
Such a Glamour “Don’t”

Natural fibers
Wear from head to toe daily
Go hug your kitty.

What to wear with this?
Diamonds, pearls, a simple scarf?
How about cat fur?

choose a neutral color


Choosing a new pet?
Consider a black kitty
Goes with everything.

Watch What Not to Wear?
Stacy and Clinton suggest
Cat fur’s a keeper.

Fashion consultant
Trust your feline for advice
Cats make you look good.

You look fabulous
Cat fur on every surface
Very flattering.

Want to look your best?
Be sure to choose black cat fur
It’s very slimming.
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One Response to cat fashion tips, in haiku

  1. RumpyDog! says:

    Those are pawsome!

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